Monday, November 30, 2009

Submerge: The Art of Achievement

Assalamualikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuh

To listen to Heba Alshareef's motivational talk on the subject, go to:

For those of who do not know Heba Alshareef, she is a teacher and author of Release Your Inner Queen of Sheba! She has been mentoring women around the world to discover their unique talents, act on their aspirations to achieve great things, and find authentic happiness. She lives with her husband and five children near Toronto, Canada. Visit her online at:

She is a true "Bonafide Queen of Sheba"!

Also, there's a talk/interview of myself, on my reflections of "achievement" and how Al-Hadiyah started....And then Heba and Umm Zahrah(a hafidha who has achieved great things mashAllah and is a role model for many sisters in the Bay Area) talk...

InshAllah, I hope to post some more reflections soon...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quality Salah Chart

Bismillahi Ar-Rahmani Ar-Raheem

After I attended Divine Link, I decided that I need help in being consistent in accelerating the quality of my Salah, rather than sometimes up and other times down. So I designed this chart. Now I feel I should share this chart with you so that we can help each other out, and most of us feel more religious when we do things together and in congregation. Bi idnillah, I hope this chart will benefit us all. Please share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

Before you download the Quality Salah Chart here, this is how it works:

Each Salah is rated according to how good you are in praying on time, concentration, performing the rawatib etc. The maximum you can reward yourself for each of these is 2 points. The least is zero except for "praying on time".

For praying on time:

Salathul Fajr and Maghrib:
Within 15 minutes of adhan, 2 points
After that, 1 point
Just 5 minutes before Qadha time, no points

Salathu Dhuhr and Asr:
Within first one-third of the salah time, 2 points
In the second one-third, 1 point
Last one-third
, no points

Salathul Isha:
The three parts here won't be calculated from the beginning of time for Isha till Fajr. But the night itself, i.e, from the time of sunset till Fajr.
Again, by end of the first third, 2 points
Second- 1 point
Last third- no points

As for Qadha, you give yourself -2 (minus two) points

Based on this, the maximum you get for each Salah is 12. For brothers, there is an additional 2 points for praying in the masjid or in congregation(if possible) during office hours if you have Muslim colleagues.
Maximum daily total for women is 60 and for men, 70.

Maximum weekly total for a Salah for sisters, is 12x7= 84
And for brothers, 14x7= 98

Maximum weekly total for all fard salah for sisters is 420 and for brothers is 490.

You can earn your bonus with witr= 1point, Duha= 3 points and Tahajjud= 5 points.

These numbers don't mean anything except that it should push us to aim higher and work for the bonuses. Please let me know if there are mistakes in calculation. Please share this with family and friends.

Finally, I would like to remind myself, then everybody else that this chart is for helping us become worshippers of Allah SWT. Let's not confuse our intentions and improve our Salah for the sake of giving ourselves good points, and have a sense of false complacence. Let's also not cheat ourselves and give ourselves more points than we deserve. Remember Allah is judging us always!!

May Allah Azza Wajal always keep us on the straight path. Aameen....