Monday, November 30, 2009

Submerge: The Art of Achievement

Assalamualikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuh

To listen to Heba Alshareef's motivational talk on the subject, go to:

For those of who do not know Heba Alshareef, she is a teacher and author of Release Your Inner Queen of Sheba! She has been mentoring women around the world to discover their unique talents, act on their aspirations to achieve great things, and find authentic happiness. She lives with her husband and five children near Toronto, Canada. Visit her online at:

She is a true "Bonafide Queen of Sheba"!

Also, there's a talk/interview of myself, on my reflections of "achievement" and how Al-Hadiyah started....And then Heba and Umm Zahrah(a hafidha who has achieved great things mashAllah and is a role model for many sisters in the Bay Area) talk...

InshAllah, I hope to post some more reflections soon...

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