Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Five things we will questioned about

Ibn Mas’ood Radhiyallahu anh Narrated: The Prophet (SAW) said: “The son of Adam will not be dismissed from before his Lord on the Day of Resurrection until he has been questioned about five things:
1. His life and how he spent it.
2. His wealth and how earned it.
3. How he spent his wealth.
4. His youth and how he used it.
5. How he acted upon what he acquired knowledge.” (Tirmidhi)


- Life is the time period of our stay in this world- this shows the importance of time management, and balancing our time between affairs of the world and affairs which will benefit us in our Hereafter. Each breath we take is a Blessing and Mercy of Allah, Alhamdulillah. And so we should be grateful for it, and remember Him Azza Wajal.

- We all love money, and its OK to be rich too. But we should not earn or spend our wealth in non-halal ways. The difference between the rich and poor, on the Day of Resurrection is this: the rich will be questioned about their wealth majorly, whereas the poor won't have these questions. In order to make our questioning and weighing of our deeds (related to our wealth and how we spend it) easy, we should use it in the way Allah SWT has prescribed and Prophet Sallallahu alihiwassalam has taught us. So our wealth is a responsibility upon us, a trust from Allah SWT. We should spend more and more from our wealth for giving in charity, and in the way of Allah (whether to give during fund-raising for the construction of a masjid or an Islamic Center or to seek knowledge of the dheen of Allah etc.)

- Our healthy years in our life will be questioned the most, the period of our youthful days. This is the most challenging period, because one has to fight his nafs of desires the most. We should remember Our Lord (and this hadeeth) at all times, in order to be able to fight Shaytan (la'nathullahi alihi).

- Our Sheikh Waleed Basyouni(may Allah preserve him) gave us a very good comparison on how knowledge affects different people. He demonstrated 3 cases. The first: he dropped a tablet into water. The water did not show any effect. The second: when he dropped a tablet into a bottle of Pepsi, the drink just oozed out leaving the bottle half empty. The third: liquid slowly and gradually turn pink when he dropped a tablet into it. The first is similar to one when he gains knowledge, it does not change him. The second case categorises many people, they gain knowledge and momentary emanrush, which makes them excited about the ilm they gained, and then slowly die away, and sometimes when the excitement dies down, they even end up in a lower level than before. The third example is the most significant, and all of us should try to be like that. We should gain knowledge and change our lives and thoughts accordingly, for the better, enlightening our souls and everything around us. For Allah will question us about how we used our knowledge, or whether we allowed it to become rotten and worthless.

May Allah SWT make us among those who will be able to enter Paradise with ease.
And Allah knows best.

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