Sunday, April 5, 2009

Joining ties of relationship with your Muslim brothers

Abu Huraira radhiyallahu anh reported Allah's Messenger Sallallahu alaihiwassalam as saying: Don't nurse grudge and don't bid him out for raising the price and don't nurse aversion or enmity and don't enter into a transaction when the others have entered into that transaction and be as fellow-brothers and servants of Allah. A Muslim is the brother of a Muslim. He neither oppresses him nor humiliates him nor looks down upon him. The piety is here, (and while saying so) he pointed towards his chest thrice. It is a serious evil for a Muslim that he should look down upon his brother Muslim. All things of a Muslim are inviolable for his brother in faith: his blood, his wealth and his honour. (Saheeh Muslim)

- We have no right to judge our brothers and sister in Islam. Allah is the Best Judge.
- Piety is in the hearts, and only Allah knows what is in every one's hearts. So, we cannot make conclusions of others just based on what we think and feel about a person's actions.
- Our brother's/sister's (in faith) life, possessions, dignity and honour should be protected, we should not humiliate one another and compete with each other except in 2 things: gaining knowledge and spending in charity.
- We should always try to strengthen bonds of relationship, not nurse enmity between each other. Always, forgive and forget.

Wa Allahu A'lam.

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