Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Indeed, rain is but, from Allah SWT- Supplication for rain

SubhanAllahu wabihamdihee....

Alhamdulillah it has been raining continuously for the past few days. And subhanAllah, it is such a coolness for the heart to hear the continuous clitter-clatter on the roof top, and see the bright greenery after the rain. Alhamdulillah Allah has Blessed this land so much, with the most enchanting sceneries I have ever seen. And it is all a sign for those who ponder upon The Supreme Power of Allah, The Exalted.

"Are you not aware that it is God who causes the clouds to move onward, then joins them together, then piles them up in masses, until you can see rain come forth from their midst? And He it is who sends down from the skies, by degrees, mountainous masses [of clouds] charged with hail, striking therewith whomever He wills and averting it from whomever He wills, [the while] the flash of His lightning well-nigh deprives [men of their] sight!" (Surah An-Nur: 43)

Similarly, Allah SWT says:

"Allah is He Who sends the winds, so that they raise clouds and spread them along the sky as He wills, and then break them into fragments until you see rain drops come forth from their midst! Then when He has made them fall on whom of His servants as He wills, lo, they rejoice. And verily, before that -- just before it was sent down upon them -- they were in despair!" (Surah Ar-Rum: 48- 49)

And Allah says:

"And He it is Who sends down the rain after they have despaired, and spreads His mercy. And He is the Wali, Worthy of all praise" (Surah Ash-Shu'ra': 28)

California had a dry winter for the last 3 years, and California Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger had declared a state of emergency because of a severe drought. The governor said the drought was having "a devastating impact" on people, the economy and environment. He urged the state's cities and towns to cut water consumption by 20%, or face the prospect of compulsory cuts. Farmers have been particularly badly hit in a state which is the largest producer of food and agricultural products in the US. The drought has resulted in many fields being left fallow and thousands of farm worker have been laid off, our correspondent says. (BBC News)

Man considers himself self-sufficient. And he hardly reflects that all his success should be attributed to Allah Azza Wajal. He believes that God has honored him when he is blessed with everything. He thinks that he is in control of all the situations when in reality, Allah, The Provider, The Sustainer is controlling the whole universe at all times.

When we have tough times and when we have good times, we should remember Allah SWT, and supplicate to Him The Almighty constantly. And hence, Islam teaches us of a specific Salah (prayer) when there is a drought. A salah to pray for rain. Duah and Salah is the solution to all trials. And then Allah knows best. He has the best plan for us. I ll explain briefly the prayer for rain(صلاة الإستسقاء‎):

This prayer is done in congregation (in jama'ah). In fact, it is recommended to bring even animals and your pets along, as water and rain is essential for all living creatures, SubhanAllah. It consists of 2 Raka'h. In the first rak'ah, the imam recites Sura Al-A'la after Sura Al-Fatihah. And in the second rak'ah, he reads Sura Al-Ghashiyah after Al-Fatihah, and he delivers a khutbah before or after the salah. As soon as he finishes the khutbah, the people present turn their outer garments around, each placing its left side on his right side and its right side on his left, face the qiblah, supplicating Allah and raising their hands while doing so.

Narrated Abbas bin Tamim from his uncle,
"I saw the Prophet on the day when he went out to offer the Istisqa' prayer. He turned his back towards the people and faced the Qibla and asked Allah for rain. Then he turned his cloak inside out and led us in a two Rakat prayer and recited the Qur'an aloud in them." (Sahih Bukhari)

"O Allaah, send upon us helpful, wholesome and healthy rain, beneficial not harmful rain, now, not later."

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