Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Surah-Al Isra': 23-24

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

وَقَضَى رَبُّكَ أَلاَّ تَعْبُدُواْ إِلاَّ إِيَّـهُ وَبِالْوَلِدَيْنِ إِحْسَـناً إِمَّا يَبْلُغَنَّ عِندَكَ الْكِبَرَ أَحَدُهُمَا أَوْ كِلاَهُمَا فَلاَ تَقُل لَّهُمَآ أُفٍّ وَلاَ تَنْهَرْهُمَا وَقُل لَّهُمَا قَوْلاً كَرِيمًا() وَاخْفِضْ لَهُمَا جَنَاحَ الذُّلِّ مِنَ الرَّحْمَةِ وَقُل رَّبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِى صَغِيرًا

23. And your Lord has Qada ﴿decreed﴾ that you worship none but Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not to them a word of disrespect, nor reprimand them but address them in terms of honor.
24. And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy, and say: "My Lord! Bestow on them Your mercy as they did bring me up when I was young.''

- We should worship Allah The Almighty alone, and not associate anyone or anything to Him. This is the decree of Allah, means a strong command.
- The idea of worshipping Allah is connected to the idea of honoring one's parents. This shows the importance of respecting your parents and being obedient to them. We should obey them at all times, except when they command you to go against Allah and His dheen.
- We should speak to them with respect and love. And not even utter an "uff" which is the mildest word of disrespect.
- We should always pray for them :
رَّبِّ ارْحَمْهُمَا كَمَا رَبَّيَانِى صَغِيرًا

And Allah knows best.

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