Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Introduction to the subject

All Praise is to Allah, The Lord of the worlds, and May He send peace and blessings upon our beloved Messenger, his Ahl and his Sahabah.

I am reading a book on this topic authored by Sheikh Abdur-Razzak Al-Abbaad'. InshAllah I will be writing a summary of what I read and what I understood, in each sequel. I will also jote down the gems I get each time. May Allah forgive me for my shortcomings.

The greatest blessing that Allah bestows upon a person in this world, is the Blessing of Emaan. And in order to be the reciever of this blessing, one needs to strive and work hard towards it.

Emaan embodies the faith and belief of the heart, actions of the limbs and actions of the tongue(compliance and submissiveness). Emaan can increase and it can decrease. It increases with more remembrance of Allah in our hearts and speech, and with more deeds in obedience with Allah SWT's commands. Emaan is a state of being, if you feel it is not increasing, then it means that it is decreasing. When you indulge in "laghw" (unnecessary talk, non-beneficial ways of spending time- anything that takes you away from the remembrance of Allah Azza wajal), your emaan decreases.

The Companions of Our Prophet sallallahu alihiwassalam and pious scholars (may Allah be pleased with them all and Bless them) always use to worry about their emaan, and its soundness and continually work to make it more firm and strong. They never worried about matters of this world, like how much money they made, whether they would be able to buy the big, new mansion in that posh area in the city, whether they would be able to buy the latest designer label clothes, jewellery, vehicle etc. Infact, they became anxious when they were blessed with a lot of money, fame and other wordly gains.

Through this series, lets inshallah, go over the factors that will help us increase our emaan, and also the factors that will decrease our emaan, so that we can train our hearts and minds to abstain from those. This knowledge is very essential for the believer, and ignorance of it will make him heedless in trying to strive the lofty rank of emaan. We should always strive to increase our emaan, because only with the presence of sound emaan, can we battle against the pleasures of this temporary world, and hence, find true and eternal success in The Hereafter inshAllah.

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